A simple & confidential service enabling young people to pray and Trust in God
















What on earth are you on about? The details about Prayer Text

This is a really simple idea to help young people learn to trust in God in all circumstances. Prayer Text has an e-mail address and a normal mobile number, advertised mostly to young people.

For example if you have an exam that you are worried about, you can send an e-mail or text message to PRAYER TEXT. Once your request is received we will pray with you.

Why would you want to ask someone to pray with you?

Young people go through hard times, as we all do. This service exists for anyone who needs help when it happens, the PRAYER TEXT line will be available 24/7 and will be 100% confidential. This service is a step of faith, which removes barriers such as peer pressure, with the added bonus that you remain completely anonymous

Will Prayer Text ever contact you or provide any further information?
We will never call you, as it is a strictly confidential service. However, you will get a message back from Prayer Text to say your request has been received.

We actively encourage young people to speak to a youth leader, teacher at school or the police if the prayer request situation requires it.

Why is Prayer Text relevant to young people in schools, youth groups or sports clubs?
Cumbria`s young people are drinking more, drinking more often and start at a younger age than the national average and usually with parental knowledge. In west Cumbria we also have a high number of disaffected families, often these young people have no one else to talk to.

Prayer Text is a safe and confidential way for young people to reach out to God if they choose to take that first step. The service is for Christians and non-Christians alike, to have someone to encourage them, by praying alongside them.

What if you are already a Christians and want support from Scripture?
Prayer Text is also here for Christians in our community, by offering support through scripture. Instead of sending a prayer request, they can click on word of the week” for encouragement.




any abuse of this service will be reported to the police